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Christmas Fell Away, CD

Image of Christmas Fell Away, CD

£10.00 - On Sale

Premium vinyl CD in LP-style two-page wallets with manilla card inner sleeve + a risograph printed insert
32 minutes of music, sound art, archives and jingles.
It's the future. The world doesn't look like The Road* yet, but there are wobbles to the weather system on a massive scale. Everything's out of whack. Dozens of huge storm systems, floods and so forth, are taking out thousands of people at a time across the world, damaging infrastructure. Nuclear stations leak in various parts of the world, hugely ambitious alternative energy structures are left unfinished. Droughts dismantle the food supply. Incessant wildfires on unseen scales raise the temperature. All that. People are, you know, grave! They're in the process of trying to adjust to a new kind of life, one without easy access to basic amenities, trying to keep some kind of local and global security, scrambling to try to fix what they realise is too late. Among this, perhaps in one of the relatively more sheltered pockets of the world, is somebody watching their opulent estate crumble. Perhaps in a small amount of denial about the global catastrophe still, but mostly just uncaring. Perhaps it's a rich matriarch who's allowed herself to fall too much for her lover, and he's abandoned her to join some hopeless struggle. That's quite good innit. So. Among all this destruction, the woman loves the idea of commemorations such as Christmas still, even though the situation and weather make grotesque parodies of them. But now she's giving up even on that. Everything's ruined since even her lover has given up on her.
1. Silver Air
2. The Night is Waiting
3. Christmas Fell Away +
4. Pendulum Walk
5. Moon for Mary ++
6. It Will Be a Strange Christmas
7. Lucifer's Christmas (feat. DIL) +++
8. Bye Bye

All tracks performed recorded and mixed by Ela Orleans (Broadcast Music Inc.)
+ Christmas Fell Away features lyrics by Paul Rayson | mastering: Alex Gordon at Abbey Road
++ Moon for Mary features original Polish Medieval hymn "Bogurodzica"
+++ Lucifer's Christmas features "Lucifer Falling" by Norman MacCaig read by DIL

This record is dedicated to DIL

My thanks go to my beloved friends, my parents and Paul.
I designed the record, photo: Asia Kowalik, back illustration is by Alexandr Krasovsky

Happy Winter,

Parental Guidance Records, 2017

*reference to The Road by Cormac McCarthy, 2006